PROJECTS 3D Digital Archive – Nakagin Capsule Tower

We are using 3D data to save the famous “Nakagin Capsule Tower,” which is being demolished in 2022, as a culturally-valuable memory. We aimed to accurately record its complex shapes with 3D measurement technology and pass on the value of the architecture designed by Kisho Kurokawa to future generations.

[News] Crowdfunding for digital preservation is underway until August 9!

Three-dimensional measurement of building interior and exterior

In order to record the Nakagin Capsule Tower Building, laser scanning data, which can measure distances accurately to the millimeter, is combined with more than 20,000 photographs taken by SLR cameras and drones to scan the entire building based on actual measurements, thus converting the entire real space information into 3D The entire building is scanned based on actual measurements to convert the entire real-space information into 3D data. In addition to three-dimensional records of complex shapes and structures that cannot be recorded by flat photographs and drawings alone, the trajectory of modifications made by residents as they live with their ingenuity and the appearance of the building as it has changed over time are recorded as they are, thereby accurately grasping the architectural shape and leaving it as a digital archive for posterity.

Nakagin Capsule Tower Building AR

AR(Augmented Reality) is available for viewing and enjoying architecture at your fingertips on devices such as smartphones, based on measured 3D data. Buildings can be viewed from various angles on the browser, up, down, left, and right, and can be summoned anywhere you like to view them, making it possible to enjoy them at your fingertips anytime, anywhere.

3D Digital Archive – Nakagin Capsule Tower 画像
The building is covered by a temporary enclosure and demolition work has begun, but you can always see what the building looked like in its original state through your smartphone using AR 

Expanding use of 3D data

The measured 3D data can be reproduced and utilized in a variety of media formats, such as AR, VR, and model making using 3D printers, as well as for use as 3D architectural educational materials to promote deeper understanding of space. If the crowdfunding support reaches the target amount, the 3D point cloud data will be made available free of charge on the website as open source data for the benefit of many people, creating opportunities for academic research and new creative activities.

[News] Crowdfunding is also underway until August 9. Returns will include 3D data and NFT.

3D Digital Archive – Nakagin Capsule Tower 画像

Project Member


豊田 啓介(東京大学生産技術研究所特任教授 / gluon / noiz)
金田 充弘(東京藝術大学美術学部建築科教授 / gluon / Arup) 

瀬賀 未久(gluon)

船越 亮(クモノスコーポレーション)
西鼻 恵之(クモノスコーポレーション)
中井 麻友(クモノスコーポレーション)
堀越 脩仁(クモノスコーポレーション)

藤原 龍(ホロラボ)
長坂 匡幸(ホロラボ / フリーランス)
松川 元希(ホロラボ)

大隣 昭作(福岡大学工学部社会デザイン工学科)

秋田 亮平(gluon / 東京藝術大学美術学部建築科非常勤講師)