3D Scan

Digitization of architecture and cities

The various things existing in real space are described in a 3D digital data format. Multiple scanning technologies are combined to digitize objects at any scale, from millimeter-scale objects to buildings and cities measured in meters and kilometers.


Common Ground Platform

Realizing Common Ground

Data in differing formats, such as scans, existing blueprints and BIM data, is converted and integrated into a uniform style for use on the platform. Utilizing general-purpose data, we support the development of new services by business operators active in domains such as autonomous driving, AR/VR, and navigation systems.



Consulting / Vision Making

We analyze the issues through consulting and pilot tests, proposing new business domains and building a vision for the next generation of cities.




AI-feed is a system that generates training data that is essential to AI machine learning. This allows for automatically generating, through the use of parametric 3D modeling technology, training data that was previously difficult to obtain in a sufficient quality and quantity. This enables the implementation of object detection services via development of image recognition AI powered by machine learning.